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Recruitment notice

Job openings by position announcement

“PowerCubeSemi Co., Ltd.” recruits individuals for specific job positions , separate from their general hiring process.

Recruitment notice

Link to Saramin (a South Korean online job search website)

Recruitment notice

Link to Jabkorea (a South Korean online job search website)

The ideal qualities of an individual


A person who assumes responsibility

Someone who adheres to principles and values while maintaining a proper set of values and organizational principles, and takes responsibility for everything based on trust and honesty.


An individual who pursues cooperation and harmony

Someone who has an open mind and heart to communicate and understand with other members and collaborate with them.

Personnel system


Recruitment management

Recruiting suitable personnel based on the job requirements and character traits


Development management

Training for professional development by job category


Performance management

Evaluation of job performance based on personal qualities by job position


Compensation management

A performance-based compensation system based on job performance



Employee benefits program to enhance job satisfaction and working conditions

Employee benefits

Support fund / Insurance

Various condolence benefits support, Four major insurances

Compensation system

Pension plan


Birthday gift, holiday gift, travel expenses, Christmas gift


Providing lunch, monthly snacks and various drinks, corporate vehicle available for general use, lounge and cafeteria, unlimited coffee provided (Nespresso, Whole bean coffee machine), air purifier, various office supplies, job-related training

Company atmosphere 

No forced attendance at company dinners/drinking sessions, no forced overtime work, casual dress code, flexible use of paid time off


Annual leave, condolence leave, half-day leave, Workers’ Day off, maternity and paternity leave, and childcare leave

Recruitment process and inquiries

Submission method

Applying for a job through company email and online job postings. (E-mail :

Job inquiry or Employment inquiry

Tel : 031-758-3701 / E-mail :

Step 01

Document screening

Step 02

Competency-based interview

Step 03

Executive interview

Step 04

Final selection