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Certification retention status

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On-chip gate resistor implemented semiconductor device

Large area heater

Shortkey diode and its manufacturing method

Manufacturing method of superjunction semiconductor

SiC Wide Trench Junction Barrier Schottky Diode and Manufacturing Method

A floating shield silicon carbide trench gate transistor and its manufacturing method

Semiconductor with bottom metal layer with improved heat emission performance

Silicon carbide Schottky junction barrier diode with ESD protection structure

Silicon carbide junction barrier Schottky diode with enhanced ruggedness using multi-epi technology

Power semiconductor device with latch-up suppression structure and its manufacturing method

Power semiconductor device with built-in diode component for overvoltage protection and its manufacturing method

Silicon carbide super junction MOSFET using trench-type filler oxide and its manufacturing method

Schottky barrier diode and its manufacturing method

The superjunction transistor with inner well_Page