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Hello, and welcome to the Power Cube Semi Co., Ltd. website.
Power Cube Semi Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and selling high-efficiency power semiconductor devices and heater solutions by combining eco-friendly green IT and power IT.

Our goal and background is to design low-power, reliable power semiconductors and contribute to improving power consumption, and we aim to grow into a technology-intensive company that creates high-reliability power semiconductors to meet our customers’ needs.

In order to prepare for the rapidly changing global semiconductor industry, we strive to predict the future and understand customers’ needs first. We continue to do our best to develop technology with Ph.D. professionals to diversify our technology in R&D.

In 2017, we expanded our business to the heater field and designed and provided specialized products to customers to provide the best heater solution. Based on the technology and know-how accumulated over the past 10 years, we hold a large number of patents through the development of semiconductor devices. Based on this technology, all executives and employees are working hard to secure competitiveness in overseas markets and expand stable export volume.

All employees are committed to pursuing constant innovation and effort with a challenging spirit that does not settle for the status quo, aiming to create products that satisfy our customers. We value independent development expertise, and we strive to enhance product competitiveness by leveraging our core technologies, enhancing reliability and stability. Our team consists of Ph.D. level developers who possess unique development know-how, and we are doing our best to strengthen the direction of enhancing product competitiveness.

Please look forward to Power Cube Semi Co., Ltd., which will repay you with better technology and the best quality.

Please show a lot of interest and love. Thank you.

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