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Using Micah’s excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., it is a heater manufactured by applying heat and pressure after embedding an Austenite stainless thin plate etching pattern between two Mica plates.

Features and Performance
  1. Manufacturing the largest size in the industry(1,100mm X 1,300mm)
  2. Thin thickness (minimum 0.8T), can be manufactured in various shapes, and has 5.5G to 10.5G manufacturing experience and know-how
  3. Have experience and technical skills in achieving uniformity performance test within ±2℃ based on 300℃
  4. Based on the concept and specifications of Micah Heater, direct thermal pattern design to fabrication, heating zone division within the heater area and uniform temperature design are possible
  5. He has experience in applying various applications such as AMOLED process equipment, Dry Etcher, IRoven, and Vacuum equipment (ECS Chuck), and other home appliances, medical devices, etc
  6. Participated in the 5.5G & 6G large-area Mica Heater development project to streamline thermal control of Oven equipment for OLED displays, successfully completed the task and holds a patent for large-area heaters in Korea
Fabrication Size 1,100mm x 1,300mm
Hot-wire material AUSTENITE STAINLESS THIN PLATE (Etching Pattern)
Temperature of use ~ 500℃ (Heater surface temperature)
Terminal processing Bolt type, lead wire type, molding type (Rubber, Epoxy, Silicone)
Resistance error range room temperature reference (25℃±10%) : ±10%
Withstand voltage AC 1kV / Less than 10mA / 60Sec
Insulation resistance DC 1kV / 1,000Ω or higher

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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