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This product is made by forming an austenitic stainless steel plate heating element (Etching Pattern) between Polymide Film. The Polymide Film material has strong chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, and is widely used in fields that require stable performance in harsh environments.

Features and Performance
  1. It is the lightest and thinnest among the heaters and can be made in various shapes.
  2. The product itself is flexible, making it easy to attach to curved surfaces, and has excellent heat transfer due to its thin thickness.
  3. Our products are manufactured through a cleaning process and multiple compression processes to completely remove bubbles that occur between the delamination and pattern, providing excellent quality products.
  4. Our products can be manufactured with lead wires or in open form using a micro-precision welding machine for terminal processing.
  5. The product has minimal gas generation and is suitable for use in a vacuum state, and has minimal contraction and expansion at high temperatures, resulting in minimal changes in tensile strength.
Fabrication Size 650mm x 500mm
Hot-wire material Austenitic stainless steel plate (Etched Pattern)
Temperature of use Up to 180℃ (Surface temperature of the heater)
Exterior material Main materials: Polyimide / PE, Teflon, etc.
Resistance error range At room temperature (25℃±10%): ±10%
Withstand voltage AC 1kV / 10mA or less / 60Sec
Insulation resistance DC 500V / 200Ω or higher

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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