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The product is made by inserting heating wire into a coiled shape in the sheath pipe, filling it with magnesium oxide (MgO) for insulation, and compressing it. It has high heat resistance, making it suitable for heating liquids, gases, and solids, and has excellent heat efficiency and insulation, making it usable in open or vacuum environments.

Features and Performance
  1. Our product can be produced in sizes up to Ø32 maximum outer diameter and up to 7 meters in length, which is the largest size in the industry.
  2. The heating element can be divided into heating and non-heating parts.
  3. The heating element can be divided into heating and non-heating parts.
  4. The oxidation of the heating wire is minimal, providing a long lifespan. Our products are mainly made of STS material, which has excellent mechanical strength, and we can offer various shapes of products.
  5. There are few issues related to particles, making it suitable for application in vacuum or atmospheric conditions, and it can be applied to all types of heating applications.
Fabrication Size ~Ø32 / ~7meter
Heating wire/Insulation material Ni-Cr Wire / Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Temperature of use STS: Up to 650℃ / Inconel: Up to 870℃ (Surface temperature of the heater)
External tube material Material : Stainless Steel / Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Incoloy, etc.
Resistance error range At room temperature (25℃±10%): ±10%
Withstand voltage AC 1kV / 10mA or less / 60 seconds
Insulation resistance DC 1kV / Over 20 MΩ

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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