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This product is made by printing conductive ink on a substrate, utilizing the radiant heat generated by electric conduction. It has excellent durability with low air pollution, noise, and electromagnetic waves, and has a semi-permanent lifespan.

Features and Performance
  1. The surface is coated with high-temperature ceramic, which prevents the heating material from oxidizing, resulting in a semi-permanent lifespan.
  2. It does not generate particles and is easy to apply in a vacuum or atmospheric conditions
  3. We have a technology to divide into multiple zones, which is effective for simplifying wiring
  4. Various pattern designs are available on a flat or cylindrical surface and can be manufactured through assembly.
  5. The base is made of Stainless Steel, making it resistant to thermal and physical shocks.
Fabrication Size 1,100mm x 1,300mm
Material for the substrate Material : STS430 / AL, Glass, etc.
Temperature of use STS 430  Criteria  : 25℃ ~ 500℃ (Surface temperature of the heater) 
Input voltage available AC / DC Free voltage available
Withstand voltage AC 1kV / 100mA or less / 60 seconds
Insulation resistance DC 1kV / Over 20 MΩ

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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