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This product is a high-pressure molded product consisting of a Heating Cable and an insulation material, magnesium oxide (MgO), on a small outer diameter Sheath Pipe. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as temperature maintenance, snow melting, ice prevention, and freeze protection.

Features and Performance
  1. It can be manufactured in various shapes and can be easily installed on complex-shaped objects with small outer diameter.
  2. It has a metal outer sheath that provides high mechanical strength, ensuring a long lifespan and excellent resistance to twisting, bending, and other types of loads.
  3. We adopt a welding method for lead wire and heating wire connection that optimizes the size of the heater and power rating.
  4. With our expertise, we are able to perform laser precision welding on even the smallest diameter heaters, ensuring excellent safety.
Voltage Max. 300V Max. 400V Max. 600V Max. 800V
Diameter of conductor (mm) 3.8 ~ 4.8 3.4 ~ 5.9 3.4 ~ 7.2 3.2 ~ 6.5
Resistance (ohm/m) @ 20℃ 0.098 ~ 36.089 0.004 ~ 2.5 0.002 ~ 6.562 0.16 ~ 10
Cable length (M) 140 ~ 410 100 ~800 41 ~ 410 150 ~ 600
Conductor Material Nichrome, Copper, Alloy Nichrome, Copper-Nickel, Copper Nichrome, Copper, Alloy Nichrome
Sheath outer diameter ∅1.6 ~ ∅4.8
Sheath Material STS, Inconel

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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