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The product is made by pressing and processing a Ni-Cr wire or austenitic stainless steel plate heating element (etched pattern) embedded between two silicone pads, and it has a thin thickness, light weight, and high strength. It is suitable for low-temperature applications where a constant temperature is maintained.

Features and Performance
  1. It can be attached to complex and three-dimensional shapes due to its flexibility without the use of metal materials.
  2. Thinner thickness allows for quick heat transfer and excellent temperature maintenance at low temperatures.
  3. Excellent cost-effectiveness due to relatively low cost
  4. Can be produced in various shapes such as with double-sided tape attachment, built-in sensors, cylindrical shape, etc
  5. Our products typically use Ni-Cr wire as the heating element, but we use stainless patterns to ensure the heat safety of our products.
Heating wire Ni-Cr Wire, Etching Pattern
Fabrication Size 1,000mm x 100mm / 500mm x 600mm
Temperature of use ~ MAX. 200℃
Exterior material Silicone Rubber
Resistance error range At room temperature (25℃±10%): ±10%
Withstand voltage AC 1kV / 10mA or less / 60 seconds
Insulation resistance DC 500V / Over 200 MΩ

※ This is a general specification and may vary depending on the production specification.


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